Our Products

Each collection has its own distinctive style and, true to Zoe Darling Collections, functionality is not overshadowed by the aesthetically beautiful appearance. The dimensions of each handbag are measured precisely to ensure versatility within any context or occasion.

Inside each bag is enough space for your valuables but the accurate dimensions ensure they are still sleek and graceful to carry. Each flap has been designed to open wide allowing easy access and shut firmly; edge to edge, with secure closures.

The Obvius Collection handbags have a unique one piece leather strap adding to its durability while also allowing it to be quickly configured from shoulder to carry without the need for detachment. The base of each handbag is crafted so it to stands perfectly upright on its own easing the stress whilst traveling as well as looking elegant when placed at the restaurant table or desk.

The Quoin Collection bags can be bespoke and handmade to order with additional personalised luxury finishes. Each bag has an embossed plate with the ZDC logo and will have its own unique collection number guaranteeing the purchaser authenticity.

The Taylor Collection bags are statement pieces with particular attention to being fit-for-purpose at those special occasions and events. An alluring complement to your evening chic.