Care Information

How to care for your Zoe Darling Collections bag.

In using the highest quality leather, hardware and fabrics available all Zoe Darling Collections bags will, over time, appreciate and develop character and condition. Therefore, we advise you read the following care instructions to ensure you enjoy your Zoe Darling Collections product for many years to come.

Leather is a natural product so please avoid:

  • Contact with items that may cause the surface to scratch.
  • Contact with oils, creams and liquids, including make-up, which may cause discolouring.
  • Excessive contact with water. If your bag does become wet, wipe with dry non-dyed cloth and leave to dry in a cool place.
  • Prolonged periods of direct sunlight as this may cause the leather and/or fabrics to fade.
  • The use of abrasive cleaning products on the hardware as well as the leather and fabrics.

 Further advice to bear in mind:

  • Your Zoe Daring Collections bag is made to be robust and stand the test of time. Leather does however age naturally over time and this can indeed enhance the look of your bag.
  • There are products available which can be applied should you wish to address any small marks which may appear in the leather. However, do remember to patch test any product first on a small, inconspicuous area. This will also apply to all leather protection products.
  • When you are not using your Zoe Daring Collections bag do remember to store it in the silk dustbag provided.
  • The silver tone hardware is delicate and therefore some of the finishing can be lost over time. Unfortunately, this cannot be reapplied.
  • Be aware of dye transfer when wearing coloured clothing. The nature of premium quality leathers is that dye transfer can occur especially as the leather begins to age.

 Do not hesitate to contact us at should you require any further care information.