Our story so far..


ZDC was founded by Zoe Darling in England in 2015. Previously, Zoe had spent nearly three decades in the commercial world initially working in finance before progressing into the digital technology sector. A busy period for Zoe, involving long hours and extensive international travel with regular time away from home. This lead her to appreciate how much difference quality luggage and handbags can make; not just in terms of pure functionality, but also in the aesthetic design and the materials used.


After observing handbags carried by other women like herself, Zoe recognised that functionality and aesthetic design are not always given equal priority in the bags that were available. She reasoned there should be no trade-off between these essential components and questioned why you couldn't marry quality, aesthetics and good design, so decided to create her ideal handbag.


Whilst still travelling for work, Zoe would spend many hours sketching simple handbag designs in small notebooks. Eventually she had enough to collate a book of ideas and a business concept. Zoe knew to progress beyond what was then a hobby she would need specialised knowledge and decided to study both handbag design and leather bag making. It was there she was exposed to the huge array of different components such as leathers, hardware materials and accessories.


After a further two years of meticulous researching, prototyping and hard work, the first designs from Zoe Darling Collections were ready.